Do you have a challenging business problem? Ask Reveal how our advanced analytics solutions can improve performance and automate manual processes. Here are two examples of numerous government agency use cases for which Reveal has developed powerful advanced analytics solutions.

Census Use Case


Reveal is applying advanced data analytics to enhance the US Census Bureau’s economic indicators and automate manual processes.

  • Provide thought leadership in conceptualizing and deploying alternative approaches for data collection, analysis, and dissemination that reduce operational costs.
  • Identify, measure, and predict construction spending using satellite imagery and AI-based image processing.
  • Re-engineer construction industry indicators (housing starts, residential and non-residential construction spending) and others using alternative sources of data and advanced statistical analysis.
  • Implement advanced data visualization and analytics solutions to provide Census users and external stakeholders with relevant insights for effective, timely analysis, and decision-making.

CMS Use Case


Successfully applying AI/ML techniques to predict fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) in the CMS’ Affordable Care Act (ACA) Exchange Program.

  • Develop innovative AI/ML techniques to identify anomalous behavior in ACA enrollments.
  • Apply advanced data science and data mining methods using AI/ML to identify hidden relationships between enrollees, brokers, and providers